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Why OCR Technology?

Why use Snip & Extract?

Accurate OCR technology

Snip & Extract employs advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to ensure accurate text recognition. This results in reliable and precise text extraction.

Works Offline

Snip & Extract works on your desktop, so you can avoid the risks associated with online text conversion websites, where sensitive information may be exposed to third parties.

Quick Access

Access Snip & Extract’s functionality directly from your desktop without the hassle of launching external software.

Enhanced Productivity

Eliminating the need for time-consuming manual retyping means you're able to focus on other important tasks.

Easy to use

Snip & Extract's user-friendly process makes it accessible to users of all levels. Its straightforward functionality ensures a smooth experience in capturing and extracting text from images.


Snip & Extract is compatible with all PC applications and formats, spanning from online images and scanned documents to screenshots and more.

Lightweight Software

Snip & Extract is a lightweight application, ensuring smooth performance and minimal resource usage on your system.

Saved Time

Save valuable time by using Snip & Extract's simplified process to convert image-based text into editable text.

The NEW and FASTER way to extract text from Images and PDF’s

Extract text from images

Ultra Simple & Easy to Use! Designed for Speed & Efficiency!

Extract text from images

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Don’t waste time retyping text from images, scanned documents or PDFs.
Our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software recognizes text from images or locked documents and converts it into plain text, just like that.

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How it Works

Watch our explainer video and see how simple the Snip & Float process is.


Have a question that you need a quick answer for? Check out our FAQ page which should answer any quick questions you may have.

Knowledge Base

We have a whole section of tutorials for all aspects of Paragraph Snipping.

Support Tickets

We have a team of experts on standby to guide you with your paragraph snipping comparisons.


Check out our tutorials page to see just how easy it is to use our software.

Live Chats

Prefer to talk in real time? Avail our live chat function. Chat with us in the bottom right hand corner now!


Have a question that you need a quick answer for? Check out our FAQ page which should answer any quick questions you may have.

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