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Protect your Shared Screen and Stay Private!

Instantly blur selected areas of your screen before sharing with others

Blur your Screenshots

Quickly blur selected areas before capturing a screenshot

Why hide sensitive information?

Snip & Hide keeps your info protected

Before you make an online call and share your screen, or capture a screenshot to share, use Snip & Hide to blur out sensitive data and stay safe online.

Making calls?

Protect your screen in calls with software such as Zoom, Zoho Meeting, TeamViewer, Skype, Slack, Teams, Google Meet, Discord or any other platform that allows you to share your screen.

What can you hide?

Anything you can see on your screen, ranging from applications, folders, open invoices, documents, login forms, pictures, websites, browser favourites, your start bar... the possibilities are endless.

Blurring screenshots?

Don't take the risk of revealing sensitive information. Let Snip & Hide safely blur out anything you can see and select before capturing that screenshot. Keep sensitive info away from prying eyes.

Protect your Shared Screen!

Blur your Screenshots!

What else can you do with Snip & Hide?

There are limitless uses for Snip & Hide including focused reading, visual comparisons, interactive presentations, interactive learning, and more.

Focused reading

Facilitate focused reading by easily applying text blurring to obscure certain sections. This technique directs attention to the designated content, enhancing clarity and comprehension.

Visual comparisons

Compare visuals side by side with ease. Usually, you’d go cross-eyed trying to keep track of similarities and differences. With Snip & Hide you can quickly blur an image to simplify comparisons without the strain.

Interactive presentations

Enhance presentations by using Snip & Hide to emphasize key content. Temporarily hide distractions or irrelevant elements, ensuring your audience's attention is on what truly matters.

Snip & Hide for Teachers - Interactive Learning with Blurring

Enhance interactive education by briefly blurring key answers for assessments and quizzes, elements of visual puzzles, text for focused language learning, and more.

Assessments and quizzes

Grab a question paper, temporarily blur out key answers, and create an interactive quiz or assessment. Conceal answers as students work, then reveal by unblurring.

Visual puzzles

Spark creativity and critical thinking. Craft interactive puzzles by temporarily blurring out clues or solutions within images, and then unblur them while enhancing student engagement.

Language learning

Spotlight specific reading through text blurring—a powerful technique for teaching English online, where focusing on language structure and form is of utmost importance.

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Have a question that you need a quick answer for? Check out our FAQ page which should answer any quick questions you may have.

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