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If you need to share your screen online or share captured screenshots but want to hide sensitive information, simply install Snip & Hide. Once it's open, hover your mouse over the red box at the top of your screen and tap the capture button. Then select the area you want to hide, and it will instantly be blurred. Simple as!

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Useful for everything you can see

Simply select an area of your screen, no matter whether it's an application, a folder, personal information on a document, an online form, login details or anything else private. Snip & Hide will blur it out for you, just like that.

Security, simply

Keep things private when making online calls or sharing screenshots. In a digital world where security is paramount, you need to keep your own and your clients' data safe at all times. Let Snip & Hide blur out what you don't need to share.

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Get Started with Snip & Hide

Work Process


Open Application on your desktop

Find the Snip & Hide application installed on your computer and launch it


Hover your mouse over the red box

Find the red box at the top of your screen and place your mouse cursor over it


Click the capture button

Click on the capture button to launch a content selector


Select the area to hide

Drag the content selector around the content you'd like to blur out


Unblur an area

Hover your mouse over an area that was blurred and a close button will appear


Unblur all areas

Hover your mouse over the Clear button and click it

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